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Roof Installation Fresno


We are now offering Solar Roofs. Going Solar Can Pay For Your Roof.

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Christopher A
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Recently we have had a BRYANT AC unit installed with them. Called for a quote on a weekend and loved their customer service. Carlos had a payment plan, installation date and kept us updated on every single question or concern. Everything was installed efficiently, professionally and with care. David and Carlos were both amazing in what they do and even left several ways to contact them for any question, comment or problem that may arise ! A new highly advanced smart thermostat was installed along with new ducts that were very much needed. Goodbye 23+ years old AC and hello to this new AC !! Thank you to everyone working at Grand-mark Service Company ! Keep up the amazing work !
Andrew Jones
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Grand Mark did a superb job of replacing our old shingles, and installed not only a new roof, but added additional ventilation for the attic, added a new layer of blown insulation in the attic space, and installed new gutters over the main walkways around the house. At the end of every work day, they cleaned up all of the materials from around our yard. The entire project took roughly a week to complete, and we are very happy with the work they performed. We have yet to need to use our air conditioning, as the interior temperature never gets above 75 degrees, thanks to the insulation and new GAF cool shingles they installed. If you need a new roof or gutter system installed, I highly recommend them.
Raul Montalvo
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We wanted 1 company to do our roof, AC and solar panels. Called several companies but found that Grandmark energy was the best for us. Had the pleasure of working with Todd and Justin on our projects and couldn’t have asked for a better duo. They took care of all our needs/wants and more. Had our whole house reroofed, new AC unit w/all new duct work, solar panels, rain gutters(all around the house as needed) and also had some electrical issues in our house and they also took care of that for us too. They were clean and professional. Todd and Justin always let us know what was going on what needed to be done. Very easy to talk too. The best part of it all, is our house looks beautiful and they got the jobs done before the estimated finish date. We couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Todd, Justin and all of Grandmark!


Roofing Contractors Near You

As Local Roofing Contractors, We Specialize in Asphalt Shingles.

At Grandmark Service Company, we’ve established ourselves as the local roofing contractors of choice for the areas around our three locations. Since we started in this business over 25 years ago, we’ve constantly sought to bring the benefits of our service to as wide a clientele as possible. Today, we can say with pride that we offer superb roofing and clean energy solutions to a large swath of the Golden State. Whether you need commercial or residential roofing work, gutter repair or installation, or attic insulation, we’re the trusted professionals you can count on.

The Local Roofers To Choose

The team at Grandmark Service Company has established local offices to better serve clients across California. For any needs you might have, you can trust our professionals across these locations for exceptional skills and a stellar work ethics. Over the last 22 years, we’ve served over 20,000 clients. To join the company of our satisfied clientele, call 844-415-8558 today for the leading local roofing contractors in Central California.

  • Fresno, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
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Roof Installation Fresno

Local Roofing Contractors Fresno, CA

We’ve invested a lot of time into the development of our business in Fresno, CA. Over the course of two decades, we’ve won the trust of our clientele through hard work, efficiency, and unbeatable customer service. We offer the full range of our services in Fresno and the surrounding areas, so that more people can enjoy the comprehensive benefits of an energy efficient home or business.

4545 N Brawley Ave Suite 105 Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: (559) 492-3333

Our attentiveness to the needs of our clients sets us apart from the competition. We emphasize clean energy because we care about our clients, both in regards to lower bills and a healthier planet for everyone. As you familiarize yourself with the services we provide across our locations, you’ll notice a common thread of energy efficiency. Unlike roofers whose seek only to install a roof and move on to the next job, we work with our clients to find the best methods for the improvement of their homes and businesses. We also back all of our work with a 25-year guarantee, so you can rest easy about the quality of your investment. To learn more or schedule service, call 844-415-8558 today for the leading local roofing contractors in Central California.

Professional Roofers for Homes and Businesses: 

For any structure, whether a home or a large commercial building, the roof plays a major role in the retention of energy. A well-installed roof that benefited from careful attention to all its components helps create a sealed thermal envelope for a structure. This means it will resist penetration from outside forces, including water, and prevent the leakage of air from within the home.

Well-Designed Gutters Provide Many Benefits to a Home.

Gutter Systems

t surprises many people to learn that gutters also contribute to less wasted energy. The team at Grandmark Service Company designs gutters to efficiently and quickly remove water from the roof and away from the structure. As components of integrated roof drainage systems, gutters eliminate water before it can erode roofing or penetrate the seams to create leaks. Leaks lessen a structure’s efficiency, since they provide an avenue for the escape of energy.

Commercial Roofers

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