Roofing & Air Conditioning Professionals In California

    Grandmark Team

    Grandmark Service Company specializes in providing complete home & business roofing, air conditioning & energy services. The company was started by two brothers, who were experts in the industry and saw the need for companies to provide all of the installation needs without having to subcontract out jobs.

    We know that you have a lot of options among roofing contractors. Despite the variety of choices, one company of professional roofers stands head and shoulders above the rest. At Grandmark Service Company, a few distinct qualities set us apart.

    Emphasis on Energy Efficiency: We place a major emphasis on the improvement of a home or business’s energy efficiency. Our roofing practices reflect this, as does our expertise in the design and installation of solar panel systems. Furthermore, we offer a range of additional services, all of which improve your home’s comfort while lessening its carbon footprint. These include attic insulation, window replacement, and HVAC services.

    Cutting Edge Technology: We take our work seriously, especially when it comes to energy efficiency improvements. Whenever new technology appears, we incorporate it into our services. Bottom line, you can always count on cutting-edge technology and techniques when you work with Grandmark Service Company.

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Your HVAC likely accounts for about 70 percent of your home’s energy usage. Naturally, its components thus become perfect candidates for optimized energy efficiency. Attic insulation can have a dramatic effect on energy retention, and can also make your home more comfortable. As for air conditioners, we can both service and repair existing systems and install new, energy-efficient machines for any home.

    Technician Repairing AC Unit

    Air Conditioning Installation

    HVAC installation is a complex process that requires the expertise of a trained professional. HVAC contractors are familiar with the various types of HVAC systems and can help you select the best system for your home or business. They will also know how to properly install the system and ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. When choosing an HVAC contractor, be sure to ask for references and check their credentials. Make sure that they are licensed and insured, and have experience with the type of HVAC system you are interested in.

    Installation Of Carrier AC Unit

    HVAC contractors can make all the difference in ensuring that your HVAC system is installed correctly and operates efficiently. Choose wisely and your HVAC system will provide years of comfortable heating and cooling.

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