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Solar Shingles

Solar Shingles are made of slim photovoltaic sheets which replace the existing shingles on the roof. They absorb sunlight, thereby converting it into electricity. We partner with GAF Energy, with an experience of 135 years, provide quality solar panel installation at affordable costs along with the strongest warranty.

Why is Solar Shingles a Revolution?

Solar Shingles are preferred today by most, even more than solar panels. This is because it is just like a conventional roof and fits well with the aesthetics of a house rather than a solar panel that is mounted on the roof. There are majorly two types of solar shingles.

Solar Shingles In Home

What Makes Solar Shingles Special?

Silicon Solar Shingles

These are much like a traditional solar panels. They are pretty strong and are made thin and proportional to conventional roofing materials. 

Photovoltaic Roof Shingles

They utilize the new thin film technology made for producing home solar power. They are pretty flexible and lightweight; hence can easily blend with new roofs. 

Why Should You Choose Solar Shingles

Grandmark Service Company and  Gaf Energy provide solar singles that are highly durable in nature. Moreover, all our shingles and solar roofs are made with standard quality materials and thereby able to stand harsh weather conditions. We also ensure that they are fire resistant; hence the risk for fire with our products is really low.

GAF Solar Shingle
solar shingles

Trusted Expertise

Our in-house team consists of energy professionals who have been in this field for several years. From installation to powering on, we take care of each and everything. 

Warranted against Water Shedding

Timberline Solar is made up of solar shingles and not heavy tiles, making it water shedding and strong enough to withstand up to 130mph.

Maximum Solar Production

Our mission is to generate the most energy possible, even on roofs and surfaces with complicated angles. Our solar glass tiles, as well as architectural grade tiles, come together in order to form a roof that is not only durable but also highly powerful. Moreover, our built-in connectivity ensures that the power supply is seamless.

Grandmark Service Company Reviews

Grandmark Service Company is Rated 4.8 Stars Based On 287 Online Reviews

Christopher A
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Recently we have had a BRYANT AC unit installed with them. Called for a quote on a weekend and loved their customer service. Carlos had a payment plan, installation date and kept us updated on every single question or concern. Everything was installed efficiently, professionally and with care. David and Carlos were both amazing in what they do and even left several ways to contact them for any question, comment or problem that may arise ! A new highly advanced smart thermostat was installed along with new ducts that were very much needed. Goodbye 23+ years old AC and hello to this new AC !! Thank you to everyone working at Grand-mark Service Company ! Keep up the amazing work !
Andrew Jones
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Grand Mark did a superb job of replacing our old shingles, and installed not only a new roof, but added additional ventilation for the attic, added a new layer of blown insulation in the attic space, and installed new gutters over the main walkways around the house. At the end of every work day, they cleaned up all of the materials from around our yard. The entire project took roughly a week to complete, and we are very happy with the work they performed. We have yet to need to use our air conditioning, as the interior temperature never gets above 75 degrees, thanks to the insulation and new GAF cool shingles they installed. If you need a new roof or gutter system installed, I highly recommend them.
Raul Montalvo
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We wanted 1 company to do our roof, AC and solar panels. Called several companies but found that Grandmark energy was the best for us. Had the pleasure of working with Todd and Justin on our projects and couldn’t have asked for a better duo. They took care of all our needs/wants and more. Had our whole house reroofed, new AC unit w/all new duct work, solar panels, rain gutters(all around the house as needed) and also had some electrical issues in our house and they also took care of that for us too. They were clean and professional. Todd and Justin always let us know what was going on what needed to be done. Very easy to talk too. The best part of it all, is our house looks beautiful and they got the jobs done before the estimated finish date. We couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Todd, Justin and all of Grandmark!


All solar shingles, solar roofs, and panels are quite easy to install. They are installed directly into the roof by sheathing it with standard deck crews. Additionally, the fastening points are also covered with subsequent solar shingles. 

International Certification

Gaf energy take pride in stating that we have met UL 7103 certification. It means that it has gone through rigorous testing with an independent certification company there commits to the quality of our products. 

Say Goodbye to Expensive Electricity Bills by Installing Solar Shingles by Gaf Energy

You might feel that a solar roof can be quite a hefty investment, but this is not the case. Depending on the number of tiles, your solar shingle cost can reduce by up to 60%. Moreover, with the new Inflation Reduction Act passed, homeowners who install solar shingles will be eligible for a 30% tax credit on installation costs. Gaf Energy ensure that all your documentation is in place so that you can quickly get the incentive.

Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels

Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels: The Difference

The following are some of the differences between solar shingles and solar panels.


Solar shingles are less bulky and go with the overall décor of your home. In addition, they are quite sleek looking and really go well with the overall décor of your home. In comparison to this, the solar panel is quite bulky in nature. 


Solar shingles are much more durable than solar panels. Moreover, our Timberline Solar is made with shingles that are strong and warranted and can withstand winds up to 130mph.

Cost Effective

Solar Shingles are quite cost-effective in nature rather than solar panels, especially if you are building a new roof and you can end up saving money with it.

Installation Procedure

Solar shingles are quite easy to install in comparison to solar panels. It takes just some hours to set up solar shingles, whereas installation of solar panels can take several days. Moreover, solar shingles snap together easily, making them easy to install and requiring less dredging on the roof.  

Environmental Impact

When you install solar shingles, it is a great way to support the environment. Moreover, through this, you are one step ahead of becoming less reliant on fossil fuels.

Choose the Best Solar Shingles for Your Home

Our experts can analyze your current energy usage requirements, future needs, cost, and incentives to provide you with the best solar shingles. We try to strive to meet the expectation of homeowners regarding roofing reliability along with brilliant aesthetics. Hence do not wait much and the best solar singles for your home by booking a consultation call with us today


How do Timberline Solar shingles Work?

Unlike solar panels, Timberline solar shingles mainly use photovoltaic cells to convert light into electricity. As per reports, solar shingles have achieved a 19% electrical conversion rate, making them practical for various applications.

How does Timberline Solar Shingle look?

Solar shingles have a lower profile, can be integrated into roofs, and is quite attractive and easy to maintain. They are newer designs made up of building integrated photovoltaics so as to combine with metal slate easily.

How much energy shall solar shingles save?

Various factors determine the performance of solar shingles like roof orientation, geographical location, and surrounding terrain. However, per estimation, every dollar invested in a solar shingle can help you realize back $4 in energy savings for a 20-year period.

Are they suitable for the environment?

Once properly installed, solar shingles can withstand strong winds in comparison to conventional shingles. They can also withstand snow and even extreme rainy conditions.

Does Solar Shingle Stick Out on a Roof?

Timberline Solar has two major shingle types which create the solar roof. This includes Energy Shingle and Timberline Solar HDZ shingle. Our shingles are made in such a way it fits with the aesthetics of your room.

International Certification

Gaf energy take pride in stating that we have met UL 7103 certification. It means that it has gone through rigorous testing with an independent certification company there commits to the quality of our products. 

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