Dry rot is a problem that many homeowners don’t anticipate when they buy their homes.

Caused by a fungus that starts to feed on the wood that often makes up the home’s framework, dry rot can weaken the wood and cause it to become brittle and cracked until it breaks down. Older homes are particularly vulnerable to the damage caused by dry rot.

Knowing how to spot potential rot is the first step, and then seeking dry rot repairs as soon as you notice damage is crucial. Here’s what to be aware of.

Knowing Where to Look for Dry Rot

The term “dry rot” is misleading because the fungus needs moisture to grow. So to find signs of dry rot, look for areas in the home where a water source is present. Outside you might find signs of it near wooden window sills, where water runs off the roof along a corresponding wall, where a deck attaches to a home.

Keep an eye out for splits in surfaces, cracking, and discoloration. Check your roof for any leaks and look for issues where any wood meets the ground. Professional roof repairs might be needed if the rotting has spread.

When searching inside, look for leaky pipes, and search any crawlspaces or damp basements, or unvented attics for issues. You want to look for places where the drywall might be water stained.

Check around the floor near tubs and toilets, or where wood meets the floor or wall. Look for the same signs that you’d be aware of outdoors: cracking or splitting of wood or structures and any discoloration.

Seek Dry Rot Repairs

If you find any signs of dry rot, you want to seek dry rot repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Start by addressing the source of any moisture. Next, you want to seek repairs of any woodwork that has been structurally weakened.

Professional repair services might include prying off old, damaged wood and replacing it with new wood. Smaller areas can sometimes be repaired with epoxy resin. Wood that is still structurally sound can be preserved with treatments to stop the fungus growth.

Prevent Future Dry Rot

Since dry rot occurs when wood meets high moisture for an extended period of time, preventing it includes efforts to keep moisture efforts low. Keep your attic and crawlspaces properly ventilated. Seal off any basement or crawlspace floors and check all your roof and wall flashing to make sure water is properly directed.

Keep up to date on the maintenance of all your doors and windows to ensure they are sealed with caulking. Keep your downspouts and drains clear and free of debris.

Find Professional Help

Now that you know a little bit more about where to look for dry rot and how to spot the signs, we encourage you to give us a call for your dry rot repairs if you think you have an issue.

We offer professional, experienced roof repairs for both residential and commercial properties regardless of the cause of your damage. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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